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Why are Gechos out of stock

While the truth about plumbuses is now out, it may still be a mystery how Gechos are made. Let me try to illustrate what is involved and why it takes so long to make them.

Firmware update

The new firmware is out

Hi Guys, the update is out and it has been tested by a few of you already, thanks for your help! So I think it is safe enough to publish it. In any case, you can revert back to the original one at any time (B3 in service menu), as it never gets erased, Gecho has 3x 1MB "slots" reserved for the firmware; one from the "factory", and two more for updates, used alternatively.

To find your current firmware you can run the channel #4112:

If your firmware is 1.0.115 or older, this manual applies.

Channels controls

Channels controls (v2)

Before I have chance to make more demos detailing individual channels, here is a summary to help you explore what can be done. This article is work in progress but published early to not keep you waiting.

Please note that depending on your firmware version, channels #23-24 and highlighted bugfixes may not yet be present in your unit. Guide about how to update your firmware will be published later this month.

Settings leaflet (explained)

Gecho v2 Settings leaflet explained

The leaflet that you received with your unit contains many settings and it is often not obvious from the name alone what every one of them does and how to use it. Please check this detailed explanation, and if something is not clear, feel free to ask in the comments below or on the forum.

Settings marked as WIP (work in progress) may not be implemented in your current firmware version yet. To avoid confusion and need for multiple printed versions of the manual, the place for these settings has been reserved.


Gecho v2 shipping update

Gecho v2 shipping update - August

The production went well

Everything arrived in mid August - boards, accessories and other material - so we could finally start building Gechos for you! The first bunch of parcels was sent on their way and some people already received theirs.

Please be patient, we're doing what we can! To get an idea when you are likely to receive your parcel, check your order page - if you don't know where it is, check your inbox for recent newsletter, it might have ended up in spam or promotions tab. If your order is relatively new, please wait a few days for the next newsletter.

Gecho v2 production update - August

Gecho v2 production update - August

PCB Assembly is done

And the boards are on the way to us. Can't wait! :)


The software is pretty much ready as well

During last month, I've been focusing mainly on getting the firmware to a complete enough state. It is never entirely done, as usually by implementing one thing, two more ideas come to mind :) But there was a few key things to get done for version 1.0 that will be shipped with your units.

Production update - May

Gecho v2 production update - May

During the past three weeks we were busy (apart from shipping whales), with designing, testing and planning the production of new lizards.

Silicone buttons

The production samples have arrived. Ain't they beautiful? :)

Three colours for now - translucent, sunflower yellow and bordeaux violet. We may add more later. Lime green or neon green has been suggested, only we cannot agree on an exact shade, please help!

Gecho v2 prototyping is done

The final Gecho v2 prototype

Since the previous update about v2 that was posted in August last year, it took 3 more revisions to get here. Although the first prototype of Gecho v2 has been completed, blueprints verified by our skilled hobbyist friends who hand-assembled their own boards, and it even passed CE/FCC testing with flying colours, so we could go ahead with the production - it was just not good enough. It needed a small upgrade or two. And, things tend to turn more complicated than they appear :)

Thanks to everyone for encouraging comments, questions and feedback during the past few months, it has been very helpful and contributed a lot to shaping the new model.

Demo Videos

Demo Videos

Curious how to use Gecho and get the most out of it's FX powers, either in stand-alone mode or with external signal source is connected? The manual is great to have at hand but there are videos too: