Download the latest app here

If you only want to download the latest version of Windows App, you don't need to log in. Once installed and running, the app can download all necessary firmware updates for you and flash them into your board.

Get the self-extracting exe or zip archive

In order to access this "members area", your Gecho acts as a hardware key.

Don't worry, you only need to log in here once, as you can bookmark the link later.

1. Please turn on your Gecho and key in this channel (do not press SET yet):

333 423 141 41

2. Afterwards, you should see orange LEDs glowing in this pattern:

If it looks different, press RST and repeat step #1. Otherwise, press SET button.

3. Finally, click or tap on LEDs on this picture, to lit them in a configuration, matching your real board. When finished, click "check".