V2 Prototype #001

First v2 Prototype Assembled!

No sound, just a quick video to show it is alive and kicking. Proper demo coming soon!


One firmware to support both models

The plan is that as new functions are added, they will be available to both v1 and v2 owners (with the exception of things that cannot work in v1 because the hardware is not there - e.g. a complete unit without MIDI extension). I am updating the firmware so it detects which board it runs on, and behaves accordingly. At the same time this allows to verify that every sub-system of new model is functional.

So far, everything that has been tested works as expected:

  • implemented drivers for new codec, it sounds great
  • powering and reset circuit works
  • charging circuit and state indication (2 new LEDs) works
  • all buttons and LEDs wired correctly
  • IR proximity sensors work
  • switch for 2nd connector at left (HP vs Line-out) works
  • USB-serial works

What's left to do:

  • test magnetic sensor
  • test MIDI / sync switch and connector
  • test sensor bypass switches and CV inputs
  • test line-in and line-out
  • test alternative powering from classic AA/AAA batteries, Ni-MH, Ni-Zn, Ni-Cd and Li-Ion cells

I am also thinking about replacing buttons, they are spaced wider than in previous version but because the caps are larger, it's surprisingly a bit harder to work with them now.

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well done mario! progressing well!

Thanks Brett! :) A lot left to do but getting there!

So many creative variables in one tiny Lizard! Love how you post updates, even though you're no longer a Kickstarter thing.
Steve in L.A.

Hi Steve! Good habits are good :) Who knows, maybe we'll try the good ole KS again! See you there (or here :)

Hey Mario! whats this little new switch near outputs? "line out HP"

Hi Aki, that switch selects what the upper-left connector does. While lower-left connector is always HP out (and in previous version the codec only supported one level, so both connectors were directly linked), in new version the codec outputs two pairs of signals - HP and line-level voltages. So the switch selects between two voltage levels. Actually, the line-out is a differential signal, there are 4 pads on the bottom side of the board if someone wants to wire connectors for balanced output. What goes into the 3.5mm jack is only the positive part against the analog ground, resulting in cca 0.707VRMS (0dBU) level at 0dB analog output volume setting. Of course, codec can be software configured to support various differential or single-ended configurations. Datasheet says the volume can be increased up to 9dB which should cover the "pro" line levels of 1.736 VRMS but I haven't measured it yet. Some screenshots from the oscilloscope to follow soon :)