Now you can have this magic music box you always wanted.

Finally, you can have this ultimate gadget you were missing.

At last, you can get this source of endless inspiration and fun.

State of the art sound processing circuitry in a hand‑made wooden box

Designed and crafted in Europe from real wood and genuine components

Polyphonic, pocket synthesizer with interactive controls

Instead of knobs, touchless sensors react to your fingers, while sensitive microphones pick up your singing, whistling or tapping.

A cute box that turns any noise into music

If you bang on the table, whistle, touch a fork on the wall, turn on a forklift, operate a piledriver, it all becomes music.

Deeply meditative and amusing at the same time

Listening and interacting with Gecho while meditating will balance your emotions and helps you to be at peace with yourself.

What is Gecho?

A hand-made, digital, polyphonic pocket synthesizer controlled by buttons, sensors and a magnetic ring. Whenever you power it on, it becomes a meditational tool, source of endless music from your environment... or an amusing sound processor reacting to your voice, other instruments and various objects that make sound or noise.

Let it play chord progressions in the background while you practice, or be an instant inspiration when you get stuck while composing.

Listen to textures, vibrations, magneticfields and infra-red light. Connect it to other small synths, DIY projects and gadgets.

Learn basic DSP coding, invent your own guitar effects. Implement tuner, metronome, drum kits or colourful VU-meter. Code sound and touch triggered games, follow tutorials, learn and have fun!


This device is the result of collaborative effort of three family-owned businesses in three European countries, initially supported by a community of over 500 KickStarter backers.

Made with passion at every step. By buying this product you are supporting sustainable development and innovation of pocket synth line.


I got mine a couple of days ago and simply love it. I can't stop playing around with it and trying all the different channels. It's just so amazing sitting there and getting every noise translated into music. I'm not a musician, but I don't have to be. I already recorded a couple of tracks just with the sound of my kids playing and shouting. And on top of it, it is a real piece of art. The box just looks beautiful and no one would ever suspect what's inside.

Ronny Ecke, Kickstarter backer of the first production run

The Sound is super beautiful... like you said better than the YouTube videos. Dedicated physical controls are still king in the musical world though. The Gecho's tactile tapping, scratching, whistling, and waving really are an innovative interpretation... I don't find myself wishing it had a knob or fader. I love the responsive LED levels for the proximity sensors.

Cameron Leggett, graphic designer, pressman & electronic music hobbyist

Backer #21 here from California. I just received my Gecho Loopsynth in the mail today and WHAAAAT?!?! I am having so much fun with this that I haven't put it down for hours. This is by far the coolest gadget I own or have ever owned in my 31 years here on Earth. I am not so tech savvy yet that I can program music into this thing but what you have already installed in here, and the attention to detail, the pick ups, the flippin design on your board and the box and everything just screams about your passion.

If there was anything that ever fulfilled that desire to literally escape while going nowhere, this is it! Everything about this shows that you truly put so much thought and care into the design and function and that's what makes me proud to have backed this project so early and I cannot wait to show it off and take it with me everywhere.

Jonathan Martin, Kickstarter backer of the first production run

I am the proud owner of the Gecho #077 and so happy to have this new friend! It is a lovely, adorable, little creature. Only NOW I can understand why you were saying that it is not meant to be played live... it is not a synth, it is really a living creature born for meditation and hypnosis! And it is so addictive that it is not possible to stop playing with it! :) Once again I have to congratulate you for your fantasy and imagination.

Stefano Azero, Music producer and performer at

Product showcase