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Looks like it was environmental. I tested again at home, and way less background noise (I'm thinking the mic is VERY sensitive, and was picking up even the smallest sounds from the ventilation here at work).

My only concern right now seems to be more in terms of sound quality and execution. For the sound quality, I think running the records sample throughs some plugins in Live will clean up the samples and allow me to craft them more succinctly. With regards to the execution, I'm referring more to the prevention of delay, and gaining more control over how the sound comes out. Perhaps I haven't read the docs carefully enough?

P.S. After i make a few samples, i'll upload them to the forum so people can play around with them!

Feature Requests and Feedback / Granular Sampler Background Noise Question
« on: September 13, 2018, 05:24:17 PM »
Hi all! New to the forums, so please excuse my initial ignorance.

I'm playing around with the granular sampler, which is amazing! However I noticed as soon as I enable it, there's some background noise. Is this because of low volume artifacts around me, and as such, is likely unavoidable without being in a completely soundproof room?

My interest lies in recording various loops into Ableton and rapidly creating a loop library. While there is the ability to fix up sounds in there after the recording, it would be much easier to minimize artifacts pre-recording.

Thanks in advance!

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