Author Topic: YAQAMACh34 - Yet another question about Midi (and channel 34)  (Read 63 times)


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I could finally find use my Minilab MKII (no 5-pin midi output) and Ableton plus a legacy midi-usb cable to test Channel 34 - works well, you can add that to the list.

1. I have the same issue as jluc in - I would plead for relative by default (suggestion for next release).

2. While playing around with Channel 34, I noticed that the key were having an effect : the "keyboard leds" on the LoopSynth shows correctly which key is pressed, and mostly the sound/processing that outputs from the channel is very different. For the sake of completion, Line input only, some sort of gate effect (on-sustain-off) can be heard, with a slight pitch change related to the key press, as expected. Could you tell us what exactly is the effect (nothing in the doc).

3. I tried playing the Minilab on various other channels ; it is somehow recognised by Channel 33, 34, 42, and maybe others.

4. Finally, I believe that an up-to-date MIDI section in the manual would help. Not talking about a long term wish: midi for controlling buttons B1-B4.
Rationales : 
  • Many midi controllers have a 4x4 pads ; two rows could be dedicated to the short and long presses of buttons. I don't know enough about midi implementation by vendors, but would guess there is some sort of standard for assigning Midi messages to these buttons
  • big picture: the Loopsynth could be a multi-function effect box that could integrate nicely with a studio
  • Hire someone?