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Proud owner here. This thing is amazing. Spent the first few days just getting lost in the ambience of all. When I sat down with it properly after watching some of your tutorials and found myself entering chord sequences from whistling, humming and using notes from a keyboard I was absolutely blown away by the scope of this magic box. It’s a thing of beauty, aesthetically and aurally!

Simon Gould, Cheese Shop Spoon on Bandcamp

Tutorial - How to implement new channel

Implementing New Channel - A Rudimentary Drum Machine

Objective: Demonstrate how easy is it to expand the functionality using the framework, showing examples of how to:

  • add a new channel with any numeric code we want
  • enable or disable standard features that are available, to borrow some functionality from other channels
  • upload arbitrary data into FLASH memory and access it, this is handy for lot of other things too
  • decode binary 16-bit PCM sample data from a standard WAV format
  • play multiple instruments in parallel, from FLASH memory with zero waiting state and no need for buffering in SRAM
  • bind this new functionality to existing controls
  • mix the signal output from our custom function into the loop with or without delay/echo

Requirements for any Gecho firmware programming