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Staggeringly good fun! The design, portability and novelty value of the self-generating music patches were what first got me interested in the Gecho loop synth. This is no toy though. Aside from the synth voices, hidden inside the Loop Synth’s unassuming little box is serious studio potential for those prepared to experiment and dig a little deeper. Combine the line input and proximity sensors for example, and you have a powerful fx processing unit. The built-in microphones are of a surprisingly high quality and when coupled with patches from an ever expanding list of algorithms make a unique source for drums, pads and otherworldly samples that sound like literally nothing else I can think of. If that’s not enough, there is a truly trippy granular sampler, a chip tune patch, a gesture controlled drum machine and MIDI coming in the next version. Love it.

Tutorial - How to implement new channel

Implementing New Channel - A Rudimentary Drum Machine

Objective: Demonstrate how easy is it to expand the functionality using the framework, showing examples of how to:

  • add a new channel with any numeric code we want
  • enable or disable standard features that are available, to borrow some functionality from other channels
  • upload arbitrary data into FLASH memory and access it, this is handy for lot of other things too
  • decode binary 16-bit PCM sample data from a standard WAV format
  • play multiple instruments in parallel, from FLASH memory with zero waiting state and no need for buffering in SRAM
  • bind this new functionality to existing controls
  • mix the signal output from our custom function into the loop with or without delay/echo

Requirements for any Gecho firmware programming