Gecho Loopsynth


What people said

KS Backers, Early Adopters

The Sound is super beautiful... like you said better than the YouTube videos. Dedicated physical controls are still king in the musical world though. The Gecho's tactile tapping, scratching, whistling, and waving really are an innovative interpretation... I don't find myself wishing it had a knob or fader. I love the responsive LED levels for the proximity sensors.

Cameron Leggett, graphic designer, pressman & electronic music hobbyist

Tutorial - How to implement new channel

Implementing New Channel - A Rudimentary Drum Machine

Objective: Demonstrate how easy is it to expand the functionality using the framework, showing examples of how to:

  • add a new channel with any numeric code we want
  • enable or disable standard features that are available, to borrow some functionality from other channels
  • upload arbitrary data into FLASH memory and access it, this is handy for lot of other things too
  • decode binary 16-bit PCM sample data from a standard WAV format