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Proud owner here. This thing is amazing. Spent the first few days just getting lost in the ambience of all. When I sat down with it properly after watching some of your tutorials and found myself entering chord sequences from whistling, humming and using notes from a keyboard I was absolutely blown away by the scope of this magic box. It’s a thing of beauty, aesthetically and aurally!

Simon Gould, Cheese Shop Spoon on Bandcamp

KS Backers, Early Adopters

I am the proud owner of the Gecho #077 and so happy to have this new friend! It is a lovely, adorable, little creature. Only NOW I can understand why you were saying that it is not meant to be played live... it is not a synth, it is really a living creature born for meditation and hypnosis! And it is so addictive that it is not possible to stop playing with it! :) Once again I have to congratulate you for your fantasy and imagination.

Stefano Azero, Music producer and performer at a034.it

Backer #21 here from California. I just received my Gecho Loopsynth in the mail today and WHAAAAT?!?! I am having so much fun with this that I haven't put it down for hours. This is by far the coolest gadget I own or have ever owned in my 31 years here on Earth. I am not so tech savvy yet that I can program music into this thing but what you have already installed in here, and the attention to detail, the pick ups, the flippin design on your board and the box and everything just screams about your passion.

If there was anything that ever fulfilled that desire to literally escape while going nowhere, this is it! Everything about this shows that you truly put so much thought and care into the design and function and that's what makes me proud to have backed this project so early and I cannot wait to show it off and take it with me everywhere.

Jonathan Martin, Kickstarter backer of the first production run

The Sound is super beautiful... like you said better than the YouTube videos. Dedicated physical controls are still king in the musical world though. The Gecho's tactile tapping, scratching, whistling, and waving really are an innovative interpretation... I don't find myself wishing it had a knob or fader. I love the responsive LED levels for the proximity sensors.

Cameron Leggett, graphic designer, pressman & electronic music hobbyist

I got mine a couple of days ago and simply love it. I can't stop playing around with it and trying all the different channels. It's just so amazing sitting there and getting every noise translated into music. I'm not a musician, but I don't have to be. I already recorded a couple of tracks just with the sound of my kids playing and shouting. And on top of it, it is a real piece of art. The box just looks beautiful and no one would ever suspect what's inside.

Ronny Ecke, Kickstarter backer of the first production run

Prototype Owners & Testers

Hi folks,

I am very proud that I've been introduced to this Gecho project before you guys got to known this amazing machine at the very early stage of it and I can tell you that I know what is Gecho.

Can't talk about Gecho from your IT or DIY perspective having not being good at that style of kung-fu, sorry about that, but from the point of view a person that has to do with the music playing, I think I could say few words about it.

If you have ever had (and I am sure all of you did), moments when you feel like... leave me alone. I don't want to see anyone. I wish I could go to the forest or stare to the flow of the mountain river with just me and my guitar in my hands and go one by one through playing along all my favourite tunes and hear them sound from a different point of view ...you'd be surprised how Gecho helps to it.

I remember asking Mario (the inventor guy) to set me up with the background of J.Pachelbel's "Canon in D", and how I was amazed with the way it sounded! So real, no plastic tone! Totally undisturbed. Whatever you play, blends up with what you hear in the background in a very smooth and natural way. Later on, I had the answer to my question why it sounds so natural, it was simple at the end, because the level of the background tone is kept under -12db like in the old days before the loudness war started. I take my hat off, dear Mario.

By the way, hope you don't mind if I put in the link of what is the meaning of the loudness war just in case somebody is not sure what I am talking about here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loudness_war

So yeah, I am really hoping that this project gets through quickly and soon we'll be able to just grab Gecho, our instrument, headphones and shout through the doors: Honey, I am going to the woods for a couple of hours! Love you :-))

Aslanbek Dokhshukaev, guitarist & composer

I've personally tested an early iteration and it was pretty amazing.I'm not good with the technical stuff, but in layman terms it is a box that turns any noise into music. So if you bang on the table, whistle, touch a fork on the wall, turn on a forklift, operate a piledriver, it all becomes music together, somehow.

I tried my best at the beginning to make sounds out of tempo and as unharmonic as possible and it all became this sort of strange out-of-this-world melody. The funny thing is that the more I did it, the more I was entangled by it, like an ouroboros of sound, the brain eating itself in its meaning. I don't know how to explain it better...

Nicholas Amorim, hobbyist composer, singer, drummer & guitars maker

Gecho is deeply meditative and amusing at the same time. The experience enables you to explore your hidden feelings, which you have never been able to put in words. It's like classical instrumental music with you being in the place of a composer. It is difficult to put your finger on it, but as soon as you put your hands on it you'll realise it's unputdownable. So I guess the best way how to explain what's the thing like is to say - it's addictive. First time I took it to work, it was grabbed from me immediately and only returned towards the end of the day with great reluctance.

Pietro, music enthusiast, amateur guitarist and poet, proud owner of Gecho s/n.010

When I first saw the Gecho I was intrigued. When I touched it I was immediately mesmerised. My world just took on another dimension that I was in complete control of - it is amazingly cool.

Mike Dee, mobile games designer & enterpreneur