Preorders are now open!

Dear followers of the project!

Everything is explained in the preorders page, but long story short: designing is done and we started ordering production samples. To avoid surprises, we are staying with our trusted manufacturing partners.

More photos and demos will be posted during May, as individual elements come in place. The next few weeks will also be used to work on the software - as the firmware for Glo (the Polyphonic Whale) is now done, there is capacity to fully focus on Gecho.

As the design is more modular, there are some new options - wider variety of DIY kits, some that do not even require any soldering. Also the complete unit is now fully self-contained and works without the box; however, the wooden box of the version 1 has been very much appreciated by owners and is nice to have also because of how it influences the sound.

Thank you for your support!