Firmware update (v1 and v2)

Firmware update for both models

Hi Guys, this time both v1 and v2 models are getting more fun! Not sure which model you have? Check in the FAQ. Many thanks to everyone who submitted bug reports or suggestions. There are always more new ideas than fit in a single update, but keep them coming :)

How to update your unit

Nothing changed about the process; the v1 is updated automatically using the app, for v2 you need a micro-SD card (see the previous article for detailed instructions). After you put the SD card in Gecho and power it on at least once, there will be file "update.htm" created on the card. Open it in your browser and follow the instructions.

Only 32GB cards or smaller work right now. A discussion relevant to SD cards and updating is going on here, feel free to ask questions if needed.

If something goes wrong, you can revert back to the original firmware at any time.

  • in v1, visit the archive and download older binary
  • in v2, simply revert back using B3 in service menu, as here the old FW does not get erased immediately (you don't need to get the older config.txt back, as the new one is just an extension of it)

To find your current firmware you can run channel #4112 (in v2 model) or #112233 (in v1 model), the logic of displaying the number is the same. In v1 model the app will tell you if you need to update your unit.


v1 model (2016)

After the update, this channels list applies.

What's new in v0.244

  • Infinite Loopers, three variations (#432-434)
  • Drones with square, sine and saw waves and randomization (#442-443)
  • Fixed bug where last white and blue LEDs were getting stuck - thanks to everyone who pointed that out!


v2 model (2019)

After the update, this channels list applies.

What's new in v1.0.117

  • In channel #14: Bytebeat, sensors S1-S4 now influence constants in the formula, allowing you to mangle the generated song.
  • New channel #22: Infinite looper (similar to #23-24) with octave up/down pitch shifter and reversible loop, controlled by sensors S2-S4 (S1 controls delay as usual).
  • In channel #41: DCO, button B1 now adjusts reaction speed of the sensors, allowing for smoother controls (it cycles through 5 possible levels).
  • New channel #42: DCO (alternative version) with more controls. Button B1 enables autonomous drifting of parameters; it cycles through 8 levels of this setting). Button B2 selects waveform (sine/square/saw/off). RST+B1/B2 increases or decreases the oversampling.
  • New channel #222: SD recording slicer, controllable with MIDI. Takes one of the recorded files, selects a few random segments from it, and loops them around. SET randomizes all segments again.
  • New channel #333: MIDI Sysex sender (experimental). Transmits *.syx files from SD card to another device.

What's next?

  • Sync function between the contents of the SD card and your computer, so you do not need to take the card out when downloading & uploading samples (it turned out to be somewhat problematic in a complete unit). This is in progress but haven't had chance to finish it yet.
  • Possibility to use custom samples as backgrounds for soundscapes (#1-4, #1111-1114), uploaded via SD card, recorded using the channel #123 or any other channel that can record to SD card. This partially works, for now hidden under SET+RST combination, needs a way to browse through older recordings and adjust background sample volume.
  • Port over the drum sequencer code, as it existed in v1, and expand it to handle custom samples from SD card (still in progress, from the coding perspective the new channel #222 is a precursor to this).


Thank you all for supporting the project!



Hi! I tried to update the unit to the newest firmware and i loaded config file successfully.After the unit restarted I ran the command #44112233 and I saw two red LED blinking, but after that no progress on other LEDs. When I checked the version later by running #4112 it was still 1.0.116. I tried this with two SD cards (16gb and 32gb), none seem to work. Any tips?
Edit: It seems like the .bin file isn't uploaded, because it's size is 0 bytes when downloaded.

Hi Mirza, it should work now. Glad to hear the unit arrived in order, enjoy!

Waiting for new update :)
>>> Possibility to use custom samples as backgrounds for soundscapes

This would be AWESOME!