Extras and WIP


Please note the materials below are related to v1 Gecho (made in 2018 and earlier).

Software, Schematics, Diagrams & Blueprints

Gecho App for v1 model (Windows only)

Useful for firmware updating and programming of your Gecho.

Enclosure plans and dimensions

If you want to make your own box, here are blueprints and hints that you might find useful, mainly if you want to do it ahead and don't have the board at hand yet.

A peek into inner workings of Subtractive Synthesis block

This is a functional block used by most basic channels - those which play background chord progression with melody or arpeggiator. There is 8 Resonant Low-pass Filters per channel and control logic. Just a sketch - work in progress, will need to redraw it again and add detailed explanation.

UPDATE - Redrawn schematic:

Full Circuit Schematic

Available in PNG and PDF format

MIDI Interface

(Obsoleted by v2 model)

This extension will allow you to connect with various music gear, like keyboards, synthesizers, drum machines and other and either control Gecho by external devices, or control those devices by Gecho.

Making of Synth

An article explaining motivation behind this project and early prototyping work.