Firmware update

The new firmware is out

Hi Guys, the update is out and it has been tested by a few of you already, thanks for your help! So I think it is safe enough to publish it. In any case, you can revert back to the original one at any time (B3 in service menu), as it never gets erased, Gecho has 3x 1MB "slots" reserved for the firmware; one from the "factory", and two more for updates, used alternatively.

To find your current firmware you can run the channel #4112:

If your firmware is 1.0.115 or older, this manual applies.

After the update, this channels and controls list replaces what is in the manual (the rest of unlisted service and test channels stay unchanged). As only a small fraction of units currently runs the new 1.0.116 firmware, I hope it makes more sense to keep the manual organized this way.

What's new in v1.0.116

  • New channel #23: Infinite looper with LPF, HPF and flanger controlled by sensors S2-S4 (S1 controls delay as usual).
    Buttons B1/B2 change speed (indicated by blue LEDs), RST+B1/RST+B2 adjust delay persistence, i.e. ratio of how much signal is mixed back to the loop,
    from 32/40 to 39/40, default at 38/40 (indicated by white LEDs).
  • New channel #24: Infinite looper with warping (S3,S4) and reversible delay (S2 in combination with S1). Otherwise it has the same controls as #23.
  • In channel #31: Granular, behaviour of detune (S1) changed so the first 4 levels (indicated by first 4 red LEDs) have softer effect, then the rest works as usual.
  • In channel #31: Fixed bug with loading of pre-programmed songs. Button B1 browses through songs from other channels, B2 select user-programmed song (from channel #111).
  • In channel #111: Custom song programming, fixed problem with parsing MIDI notes, where they were not captured reliably.
  • In channel #111: Added capability to program chord progression with buttons as explained here.
  • In channel #33: Dekrispator, fixed problem with MIDI key release not being detected, and added two new patches (42 total).
  • In configuration settings, fixed indicators for AGC level and Accelerometer orientation. Also, the "All LEDs off" setting is now cleared at power off.

How to update your unit

After you put the SD card in Gecho and power it on at least once, there will be file "update.htm" created on the card. Open it in your browser and follow the instructions.

A discussion relevant to SD cards and updating is ongoing here, feel free to ask questions if needed.

What's next?

Many thanks to everyone who submitted bug reports or suggestions. In the next update, I hope to have a few things that seem to be missing most:

  • Sync function between the contents of the SD card and your computer, so you do not need to take the card out when downloading & uploading samples (it turned out to be somewhat problematic in a complete unit)
  • Possibility to use custom samples as backgrounds for soundscapes (#1111-1114), either uploaded via SD card or recorded using the channel #123
  • Port over the drum sequencer code, as it existed in v1, and expand it to handle custom samples from SD card

Happy holidays! :)



Hallo Mario ,
The link in sd card as mentioned above does not work , were i can find the procedure and files please?
Thanks a lot , i really love the Gecho !

Hi Silvio, thanks for letting me know - there was indeed a bug, it's fixed now. Your unit has latest firmware but there will be an update later this month. Happy you like the synth! :)