Make your own box


Please note the information below only concerns v1 Gecho (made in 2018 and earlier). The v2 board has the same dimensions but position of connectors has changed.

Plans and dimensions

For those who wish to build their own enclosure for Gecho board

If you have access to woodworking shop, tooling or 3D printer, you might want to create your own box. While the looks of it are entirely up to you, I am sharing plans of our "official" wooden box enclosure to give you all information needed to accomplish your task successfully even before you have a PCB board at hand.

The board is 86mm x 53mm (or 3.375" x 2.075"). There are two holes for mounting screws, with the centers 22mm (0.875" or 14/16") from bottom edge, 54mm apart (2.125" or 2 2/16"), diameter is 3.2mm (126mil), good for M3 or M2.5 screws.

It has four cut corners, to make it easier to handle, if used as a DSP development kit without the box:

Official box

This is a sketch that was used for manufacturing. The only difference in compare to final version is attachment of the lid - instead of metallic ones, we choose a wooden hinge embedded into back side.

In our box there is 1mm extra space from each side of the board. This is just a precaution against manufacturing tolerances (of both boards and boxes). You can make your box wrap around the board precisely. So, internal dimensions of our boxes are 88 x 55mm, and there is 10mm vertical space for the board (top elements + PCB + bottom elements + thin layer of polyurethane foam).

As you can see, on the sides there are cutouts for connectors, both 25mm wide but positioned differently - at the left side, cutout is centered but at the right side it's 5mm from the wall facing the user.

In a compartment separated by 3mm plywood there is 16mm space for 3xAA holder with batteries, accessible via sliding door on the bottom. If you are going to use 3xAAA battery holder, or a flat battery pack (e.g. Li-Po or Li-Ion), you can make that compartment more narrow.


If you agree that the box won't be complete without the logo, feel free to use some of these - it's exactly what has been used for laser engraving:

  • simpler one in vector CDR, PDF or raster PNG format
  • complex one in vector CDR, PDF or raster PNG format
  • or if it works with the method you are using, feel free to try this ornamental one

First batch production

Lastly, here are few photos from production of our first batch. Box is ready to be glued:

Almost there, just need to add the lid:

And finished!