Musicians who use our instruments

Over the years we heard from a few people who compose music with the help of our instruments. It's great to see that some of our inventions found their use in songs and albums created by these very talented musicians. We're collecting their works on this page (usually by picking our favourite album) to share with everyone to enjoy and support. If you can think of someone who is missing here, please let us know.

Ramirez is a Limousin duo composed of Denis Violet (Synthesizers, vocals, guitar, bass) and Toto Deloménie (guitars). His early folk/rock songs gradually gave way to more atmospheric and electronic music.

Kentin.Jivek is a French Songwriter And Composer based in Paris. His style focuses on Folk and Ambient music, mixed with analog sound experiments.

Luca Longobardi is a pianist, composer and visual artist from Rome, Italy. At his multimedia performances and in his recordings, strongly experimental electronic music meets pure, ethereal and simple-seeming piano playing that nevertheless relays deep emotions.

Pierrot Desperes is a sound artist, field recordist and musician living in St. Louis, Missouri. He creates sound works utilizing his own field recordings collected from the Midwest of the United States. Inspired by the history of the area he explores and artifacts discovered on his journey, he fabricates sonic narratives to reimagine a soundscape. In his works he not only uses unprocessed field recordings but also sounds mixed on a sonic palette using granular synthesis.

John Kelsey is a sound artist based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Matt Frantz is a visual artist and designer that also produces instrumental soundscapes, spoken word, and concept albums. Most recordings fall into the category of experimental music with elements of dark ambient, electronic, industrial, and noise genres.

Slither creates reflective and deep grooves in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. He enjoys experimenting in live jams, full of uplifting and positive vibes. He has been composing for over 20 years, started out making techno and trip hop on Commodore Amiga.

Blu Ritual is an experimental and psychedelic electronic music producer, based in London. Binaural Rhythms and Waves is a soundscape and electronic experimental dance music project in collaboration with multidisciplinary and visual artist Lune Perse.