List of resources

If you have a Gecho, or you are thinking of getting one, please follow these links to see how to get the most out of it.

Model v2 (2019)

User Guide - Overview, channels and buttons functionality

Channels Controls - Explaining controls and options in individual channels

Settings Leaflet - Explaining settings in detail

Build Guides - How to put together a DIY kit

Model v1 (2016)

User Guide - Explaining all channels and buttons functionality

Coding Tutorials - If you are interested to dive into the firmware

Blueprints - Schematic, block diagrams, box construction

Legacy Shop - Old website for reference (if you are not sure which model you have, check here)

Model v1 (2016) DIY Kit - how to put it together

Assembly Guide - How to solder USB driver chip and THT elements

Mounting Guide - How to attach board into the box

Rechargeable Powering Scheme - If you are installing charging circuit

Adding the MIDI extension - If your order includes elements for MIDI


Support Forum - Any questions or suggestions?