Gecho v2 shipping update

Gecho v2 shipping update - August

The production went well

Everything arrived in mid August - boards, accessories and other material - so we could finally start building Gechos for you! The first bunch of parcels was sent on their way and some people already received theirs.

Please be patient, we're doing what we can! To get an idea when you are likely to receive your parcel, check your order page - if you don't know where it is, check your inbox for recent newsletter, it might have ended up in spam or promotions tab. If your order is relatively new, please wait a few days for the next newsletter.

Altoids tin can

As a bonus we are adding this tin can for every "acrylic sandwich" version, because it otherwise does not have any protection from the environment (and chance is you may not find Altoids in your local grocery store :)

All versions will also get this microfiber glasses cleaning cloth. It has a protective purpose - you can put it on the top of the complete unit, under the wooden box lid, so the switches won't scratch the underside of the lid over time - and as well it is useful to clean the top acrylic plate or black/blue front panels from fingerprints or dust.

Felt pouch

These custom made felt pouches also arrived, if you bought a complete unit without wooden box, this may be an alternative for you.

Soon there will be an option to add this to your order. It may be interesting also with acrylic sandwich, as you could fit in the cables as well.