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Hardware Questions / Clicky/glitchy Playback from SD card
« on: November 13, 2020, 10:23:04 AM »
yesterday Evening I was lost in a new gecho v2 )
Feels like an artefact with so many things to be learnt )

While I really enjoy digging deeper into how things work with gecho,
 I noticed a glitchy playback of anything from SD card (simple 2222 or the wonderful slice mode 222). Like the CPU is overwhelmed or something.
I examined recorded files on a mac - the Sampling rate look suspicious for me (50 780 hz) but the files are played back ok. No clicks or glitches
I tried to downsample it to 44100, tried my own samples, - the playback in Gecho isn't perfect - too clicky.
I kinda hope this is just the card issue, but on the other side - gecho records just fine, it just fails to play em back.
The card is Toshiba 2GB, my concern is that I'm not sure what filesystem it should be.
I formated it on a tascam recorder, it makes FAT16. Not sure if mac can format to FAT32, just MS-DOS FAT is available.
So, to sum it up:
- What filesystem for the SD CArd is preferable?
- is it ok, that files are recorded with 50 780 hz samplerate
- should I buy some SD card that is aproved to work nice with gecho instead of wanton toshiba SD card, I found at home)))?

There's a file in the attachments - it is recorded with gecho (using both mics, line in works fine also) - if you listen to it on a pc/mac whatever - it sound good.

but that's how it sounds on gecho

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