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Pretty sure the digital artifacts in the delay line was due to low batteries... it was gone once the batteries were replaced.

Now I'll be checking for updates more frequently. Just realized I prob'ly shouldn't be putting direct links to the firmware updates as they'll be in flux for a bit.

New firmware is always  appreciated.

Software (PC and Mobile Apps) / Re: PC Drivers
« on: October 13, 2017, 09:39:13 PM »
I updated my Gecho on a Windows 10 (64bit) machine using the Gecho App. I only got a weird error message if I ran the App when the Gecho was not plugged into a USB port prior to launching the App.

I'll be launching that App a bit more frequently now to check for firmware updates. If you haven't updated the Gecho's firmware yet I recommend it. The latest version corrected some hangs and bothers.

The Volume and other settings are now universally preserved... they don't reset when launching a new program... even after a shutdown... just remember that if you mess them up (reset) 43214321 (set) will reset them all to factory default.

I definitely prefer the new method to the reset everything on every program change.

I was having an issue with the Gecho locking up in the 222 (auto generated Chords and Melodies) & 314 (Chords and Melodies from Pi)... the new firmware fixed it right up!  :)

Then I noticed there was some static like noise and digital bleed signal in the delay line, that was not there previously... I was also wondering why the Red bars of LEDs were all lighting up when changing programs and turning the Gecho on... did some further troubleshooting with USB power and found the noise issue went away along with the lit up bar of Red LEDs...

Oh I get it! when the Batteries are LOW you get a warning the Red LEDs will light up on power up and when switching programs. That info wasn't in the manual... but it's very good to know.

Super happy with the new firmware...

In case you haven't updated yet... download the Gecho App ( and connect your Gecho to the Windows PC via USB... look in the lower right corner and there's a place that you can click to have the app check for the latest firmware... if you click this and then follow the on screen prompts you'll end up with the most recent firmware.

I wasn't aware even that an update was available... It certainly pays off to plug everything in and check out ALL the software for the device. All my Gecho Lock Up issues are solved.

Back to the Gecho Manual...

It says that Program 341 is "Direct Monitor of the Unaltered Signal from the Microphones"...
And that Program 342 is "Direct Monitor of the Microphones with Echo"...
But since the Firmware update saves the parameters of the Echo State (among other things) the Echo is actually engaged on both Program Channels 341 and 342.
Prob'ly the same thing is happening on Channels 343 and 344 but I didn't test that yet.
Kind of silly but I thought it might be worth mentioning.

Firmware - Expanding and updating / Re: Firmware - song programming modes
« on: September 19, 2017, 06:38:08 PM »
Congratulations on finishing the final shipping of the Kickstarter units. Can't wait to try out the new firmware. Already experimenting with the Gecho and various other devices. so far Gecho, BASTL MicroGranny, and Korg Monotron Delay is my favorite combo... using the Line In method... since the mics are very hot and feedback prone if you're using any kind of amplifier and speaker setup, (The mics are super awesome for Headphone zone outs and recording... especially with the very convenient dual headphone outputs.)

Anyone wanting to use the Gecho in a Live amplified setting will likely already know that you need watch the volume levels. Having the Gecho memorize the last settings for mic levels, volume, input source and such, will be a major help. Then again some of us might be just as happy setting them each time a channel is launched.

I'd love to see a Low Pass Filter for the line in/mics with proximity control for cut off and resonance, coupled with proximity control of delay time and feedback. Even just adding a selection for line/mic input into the Noise and Filter Channels 21-24 would be really cool.

General Discussion / Re: Great product
« on: July 20, 2017, 07:02:48 AM »
A great sounding board... once the box is finished, it's going to be hard to leave home without it. Played it through the speakers on my home stereo system, other than a couple of feedback screeches while learning the controls of the various modes... it sounded lush and lovely. The controls really impressed me... those 4 proximity sensors are really nice... especially their dancing LED levels. The delay time setting (button 3 during play modes) nice feature... makes me wish there was a proximity controlled cutoff and resonance in 342 and 344 channels... especially the 344 channel.

I even tried out the Direct IR channel with my smartphone and it made interesting sounds... I can see that feature being entertaining for experimental recording.

With headphones the Gecho is super cool sounding obviously (might be it's best method for listening and playing)... but I like the ambience it generates in a room with some wide channel separation... just watch the controls or use the line in instead of the Mics. Those mics are very sensitive... it's a plus and a minus... good thing there's level settings for them. The Gecho is not a toy but it sure is fun to play with.

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