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Hi Mario,

Thanks again. It seems like there is no problem, then. The Gecho is a great little machine. I will wait patiently for the next update.



Hi Mario,

Thanks for the reply. Sorry, I didn't realise this was the V1 section -- I just saw 'firmware' and jumped in. I'm pretty sure my Gecho Loopsynth acrylic sandwich is the V2 - I only ordered it a couple of weeks ago, and the channels on it line up with the V2 documentation.

So, how do I upgrade the firmware without the app? I feel I'm missing some of the channels e.g. I have the #31 granular sampler channel, but not channel #412 Granular sampler with chord progression.

Thanks again.

P.S. I forgot to mention that if I used the option to choose the driver myself ('have disk') then browse to the .inf file, then it crashed my computer. And I am using a Dell XPS Laptop - Intel Core I7, 2.8GHz, 16Gb RAM, 64-bit operating system.

Thanks again.

Hi All,

I received the awesome Gecho Loopsynth yesterday, it's a great device, but I can't get 'the app' to work in Windows 10 (could not detect any USB-Serial devices). I've tried to fix this without troubling the forum, but to no avail (and I've already seen the thread Here's what I tried already...

1) I ran setup.exe (and drvsetup64.exe) in folder CH314SER from the 3.4 and 3.3 versions of the driver (downloaded from Gechologic site)

2) I ran the EXE that I downloaded from the Chinese (chip manufacturer) site.

All driver installation options complete with a "The drive is successfully pre-installed in advance" message.
When I connect the Gecho using USB, a USB Serial Port (COM3) is showing in the Ports (COM & LPT) under the Device Manager (device status reporting as working properly). I also have USB Serial converter appearing under Universal Serial Bus controllers.
Depending on what driver installation option I have gone for above, I also see Microsoft Serial Ballpoint device in Mice and other pointing devices (with an exlamation to indicate it's not working properly). This last device does not always appear, so it could be a red herring.

I've tried setting the option to "force installation of unsigned drivers"
I've also tried disabling the secure boot option.

Still the app (versions 050b and 061b) can't detect any serial devices.

Any help is appreciated.


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