Author Topic: accelerometer working or not ?  (Read 7547 times)


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accelerometer working or not ?
« on: December 29, 2019, 02:51:39 AM »
I can't tell if the Accelerometer is working... It seems to kinda work on some channels and not others
When I use the configuration setting ( Set>B1>B2) to change between Sensors / Acc. the lights DO NOT blink...the Inversion & Orientation lights do change to indicate  those setting changes
The lights DO blink when using 3333 & 4444 to change back and forth between Acc. & Sensor

Is the Acc supposed to work with all channels by just replacing the sensors?
It doesn't work on the new chs #23 & #24,  #31, #43, #44... the Acc kinda works with #32
I know that for chs that do not use sensors, the Acc. will not work

I just updated to 1.0.116...never tried the Acc in the older .115 firmware so I don't know if it used to work
I have an acrylic sandwich serial # 2xx
What do you think is the problem ?
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Re: accelerometer working or not ?
« Reply #1 on: December 31, 2019, 05:16:02 PM »
Thanks for the bug report, in main menu it was not working indeed, fixed now (will appear in next update).

in #31, tilting left-right changes chord between minor and major (like S3), front-back changes amount of voices (like S4).
in #32, #43 and #44 it only affects delay and low-pass filter(s).
in #23 and #24 it does not do anything indeed (yet).

This has not changed since the previous version. Sometimes it is hard to notice what the accelerometer does, unless you know what to expect - but at least the delay change should be obvious when turning device upside down. However if you adjusted orientation / axes swap settings, this might have changed things completely - maybe reset everything with 4321.

Hope this helps - if not, please let me know if you find a specific case when something still does not work - it might even be influenced by what was running previously, however complete reset (holding RST or power cycle) should set things straight.

It would be easy to add automatic complete restart after exiting every channel but that would slow things down a little, also I rather want to get to the "clean" behaviour of every channel where there are no memory leaks or unreleased resources...


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Re: accelerometer working or not ?
« Reply #2 on: January 02, 2020, 09:10:31 PM »
Yes 4321 is my friend  :-*
You're right sometimes its hard to hear what the Acc is doing and
there is no direct correlation between sensors 1-4 and the Acc axis' XYZ

I determined that my units Acc is working fine by using ch#121 the WIP drum ch...
left-snare/right-cym.... front-bass/back-hat

Then I went thru each ch and figured out each axis and if a sensor was duplicated by an axis
Z axis (up/down) is gonna be a tough one to implement  :o
You are correct about the assignments on those other chs

Good to confirm the Config Acc on/off is not working and the new chs #23 #24 Acc do nothing...
and both will be fixed next update... Cool !!!
Thanx for your hard work Mario...I love this thing
Happy 2020 !