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Loopsynth V2 quick trick to make it easier to pull out the SD card


Hi All,
First of all I love my loopsynth but still have a lot to learn.
I've seen a few of you have had some trouble with getting the card out of your gecho loopsynth. Being pretty clumsy and fat fingered I have struggled a bit with this myself especially while on the road without tools.
I found that adding a folded over peace of masking tape to the sd card works perfectly to make life a lot easier and not end up shooting my sd card accross the floor of trains etc.  I did a little video to show what I did and to test out how well my early gecho soundscape samples work with some beats. Hope this comes in usefull to some of you:

Hi Alex, thank you for the great tip! :D Now it should be easy to remove it with anything, a door key or even the SD adapter itself.
I thought about drilling a tiny hole through the edge of the card and putting a short string or a piece of wire through it (no idea if safe, perhaps not). This is a lot better! I've linked to this thread from the manual.

Hi Mario, Thank you, glad you think it's usefull and hope it will help some of the other people too.
I haven't had that much time to further play with my Gecho loopsynth over the past month but am hoping i'll get a lot of time this year to explore it further  8)

Such a great tip! Thanks Alex. I'm going to do this.


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