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Delight in a plastic box
« on: October 05, 2022, 08:24:16 PM »
Greetings, Gechofolk!

I'd like to share a story about delight.

The desk in my hybrid home office and studio is covered in gear. Synths, controllers and an iPad to bring it all together—certainly a great cost over the years. All of this to soothe and focus the mind via frequency manipulation.

After getting a Make Noise 0-Coast to explore more immediate paths; I ordered a Loopsynth on a whim. Could be fun, I thought, a diversion at best.

It arrived and I hooked it up, bussing it into a big shimmer reverb. I started a looper program.

In the week or so I have had it, I've only stopped to eat, sleep and work. Never in my life have I had the pleasure of an instrument so immediate, one that quietly encourages the kind of exploration that my thousands of dollars of other gear simply cannot match. The Loopsynth requires just three interactions to endless delight, as opposed to often hours of patching and routing.

Until the Loopsynth, I'd never imagined playing a mouth-harp over a tongue drum rhythm. Normally I'd cringe when my loud cat would come in, but now he gets looped!

Mario, I offer you my most sincere thanks. Vision is one thing—and critical—but vision is only a dream without execution. You managed the stout challenge of executing your vision, productizing it, and sustaining the project. As many of us know, this is no easy feat. You have a long-term customer and advocate in me. I'm excited to see what the future holds!

I've ordered two more Loopsynths with the aim of building a micro-studio.

It's by no means a dealbreaker, but is it or will it be possible to sync multiple units via MIDI or a pulse? Basically I'm seeking the ability to start two loopers at the same time.

My thanks to you all,



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Re: Delight in a plastic box
« Reply #1 on: October 14, 2022, 11:55:20 AM »
Hi Adam,

Thank you for your wonderful feedback, it's what keeps us going on this (not always straightforward) journey! 8)

I'm delighted that you like our little synth and it's cool to hear how it found its place in your music setup, among the more serious gear (that I have little knowledge of) and you still find it interesting and inspiring - thank you for explaining how and why it works for you.

It's by no means a dealbreaker, but is it or will it be possible to sync multiple units via MIDI or a pulse? Basically I'm seeking the ability to start two loopers at the same time.

-- thank you for your suggestion, sounds like a useful feature and it should not be complicated to implement. It is usually harder to figure out where and how to add the new functionality into the user interface / settings and menus, than to actually make it work in the code. Here I think for the sake of simplicity, it could work this way: when you connect two Loopsynths via MIDI cable, and restart both (by holding the RST button for 2 seconds), they will establish a master-slave relation based on the position of the MIDI I/O switches, one set to "out" and the other one to "in". Later you can key in a channel number on both (it does not need to be the same channel, you can use two different kind of loopers, soundcape + looper, etc..), and once you press SET on the "master" unit, both will start at the same time. They could possibly share the tempo settings too, so they are in sync, however it might be interesting to have them running in a different tempo as well.

By the way a shimmer reverb algorithm is on my TODO list, it sounds so good - the memory and CPU power in Gecho might not be sufficient to make it work, but perhaps it's no problem in our upcoming Linux based synths, maybe Siluria will have it (we post this kind of news on Instagram). But before those larger models, we plan to release the updated Glo (Polyphonic Whale) later this year, the key components are already being manufactured.

Thanks again for your generous support, kind and motivating message!