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Could not retrieve firmware version from Gecho


I've missed a couple firmware updates and got excited for the granular synth, but when I try to update my firmware, I get the error message:

Could not retrieve firmware version from Gecho.
Looks like it is not in Ready state (was not powered on and reset, or there is no firmware at all).

My ready light is blinking, and my USB light blinks in 3 shorts bursts of 2.  I have tried plugging it in before turning it on, plugging it in after turning it on, running the app before and after turning it on, and hitting reset all the ways.  I also installed the CH340G driver as mentioned in the other post.  I'm running Win 10 64.  Hopefully this is all the information needed!

Hi! Sorry to hear it doesn't "just work" as intended  ???

If RDY is blinking, and app claims to not be able to connect, it might be the same issue as discussed here?

The problem is that auto-detect feature is pretty basic and may confuse other COM port for Gecho's port. Can you try to run the app without Gecho attached, that would prove this is the problem.

Otherwise, feel free to share a short video, that's usually very helpful.

I will update the app soon so it has better auto-detect and allows to choosing the correct COM port manually.

Thanks for the quick response, mario, this is a real head scratcher! It does sound similar to the other post.  My CH340 comes up as COM9 in the device manager.  Where it gets really interesting is that when I try to run the STM32 Flash Loader, select COM9 and hit next, I get this error message:

No response from the target, the Boot loader can not be started.
Please, verify the boot mode configuration and the flash protection status,
Reset your device then try again...

I will post a video in a bit, I just wanted to give this update now in case it provides anymore clues.

Good news!  I was able to get the flash loader to work by keeping the Gecho off when plugging it in, then activating the flash loader at a specific time very soon after plugging in.

Yes the STM32 Flash Loader is a bit finicky when it comes to timing, or maybe it's the internal state of MCU, but it eventually works. For example it does not leave enough time for global erase by default, you need to change the timeout to about 10 seconds, or just ignore the warnings and flash it without erasing next time.

Thanks for sharing your observations - happy to hear you figured it out! :D


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