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Iphone app


I remember talk about an iphone app...any news about that and what will its role for the gecho be?

Oh, where did you read that? :o I can't remember honestly, maybe we contemplated how the phone app might be handy for programming chord progressions... but should not be mandatory way - I'd be happier if this device makes you forget about your smartphones and internets... at least for a while :)

When I get chance to fix the broken programming channels, any application that plays piano on the phone can be used to input notes (this somewhat worked previously). What I'd like to arrange as well is to port the Windows app to Mac OS, but it is not something I've got any experience with. It would be essential for firmware updates though.

Gecho App


This is where I saw the app concept--on this web page. No biggie though as I could care a less for another phone app. (:

Accompanying App for Gecho (Win32)

This is how the app looks like. Yes, it's a photo of the board! But certain areas are clickable: all six buttons (they do what real buttons do), USB connector (opens text input for commands), LEDs on keyboard (rolls out a piano-style keyboard), ON/OFF switch too (guess what it does :)

Best if I read the whole thing before I reply--it is a windows app. My mistake as I assumed app was for a phone. Cool. Carrying on...

No worries :) Well a phone app might be handy after all... but in such case, Android is more likely to be supported first.


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