Gecho Loopsynth DIY Kit #3 - Bill of Material

Elements included in the kit are highlighted.

This BOM lists elements as used on first batch of machine-assembled boards.

With R, C and L, there is no need to match part number precisely, an equivalent with a close enough parameters will do and in some case values can be approximate too. If you are not sure, feel free to ask.

Schottky diodes are not too critical either, D1-D3 should have high enough current rating, the rest of them are protective so can be same or lower current.

The price given is as an example of how much the elements cost at small quantities (as required for one board).

RefValueMfg. Part NumberQuantityUnit priceTotal
IC1MCU ARM M4 1024 FLASH 168 Mhz 192kB SRAMSTM32F405RGT618.998.99
IC2Stereo DACCS43L22-CNZ15.075.07
IC3Op AmpLMV324IDT10.3740.374
IC4USB InterfaceCH340G10.850.85
IC5LDO Regulator 3.3V 200mAXC6221B332MR-G10.5190.519
IC6LDO Regulator 2.5V 200mAXC6221B252MR-G10.5190.519
IRS1-IRS4IR Reflective object sensorQRE1113GR40.7312.924
T1, T2MMBT3904 NPN BJTMMBT3904LT1G20.0940.188
D1-D3DIODE SCHOTTKY 40V 200MASD0603S040S0R230.3741.122
D4-D15DIODE SCHOTTKY 40V 30MARB751S4012(can be left out)
XTAL1Crystal 8MHz 30ppm7A-8.000MAAE-T10.5870.587
XTAL2Crystal 12MHz 30ppm7A-12.000MAAE-T10.5870.587
CN1CONN MINI USB RCPT RA TYPE B SMD690-005-299-04310.4640.464
BT1-BT6Tactile Switches 4.2x3.2x2.5mm 160gfSKRPABE01060.2591.554
SW1Slide Switches DPDT SMT .3A JS202011SCQN10.3740.374
LD22-LD29LED WHITEQBLP631-IW80.413.28
TR1, TR2Trimmer SMD 3MM 1M 25% 0.1WTC33X-2-105E2(or use the same resistors as R78-R79)
R1-R233R, 1%, 1/10WRC0603FR-0733RL2
R3-R451R, 1%, 1/10WRC0603FR-0751RL2
R5-R14100R, 1%, 1/10WRC0603FR-07100RL10(not critical, 51R to
220R is fine to use)
R15-R21220R, 1%, 1/10WRC0603FR-07220RL7
R22-R541k0, 1%, 1/10WRC0603FR-071KL330.0080.264
R55-R572k2, 1%, 1/10WRC0603FR-072K2L3
R58-R614k7, 1%, 1/10WRC0603FR-074K7L4
R62-R7310k, 1%, 1/10WRC0603FR-0710KL12
R74-R77100k, 1%, 1/10WRC0603FR-07100KL4
R78-R79510k, 1%, 1/10WRC0603FR-07510KL2 (value can be approximate)
C1-C710uF, 6.3V, X5RCC0603MRX5R5BB10670.0850.595
C8-C112.2uF, 6.3V, X5RCC0603MRX5R5BB22540.0850.34
C12, C13150pF, 50V, C0G, NP0CL10C151JB8NNNC2(can be left out)
C14, C1522nF, 50V, X7RCL10B223KB8NNNC2
C16-C1920pF, 50V, C0G, NP0CC0603JRNPO9BN2004
C20-C321uF, 25V, X7RCL10B105KA8NNNC130.11.3
C33-C55100nF, 16V, X7RCL10B104KO8NNNC230.12.3
L1-L5Ferrite Bead 120 Ohm @ 100MHz, 200mABLM18TG121TN1D50.0850.425

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